No Strings Attached by Julie Moffett {Kelly’s Review}

Lexi can’t keep out of danger!

Thoughts on No Strings Attached

Lexi always finds a way to make me smile. Whether it’s with her endearing social awkwardness or the way she unwittingly stumbles into THE WORST situations, I get a kick out of this lady. She’s smart and determined and it doesn’t matter if she sometimes says the wrong things at the wrong times, she eventually figures things out.


Smart heroines, man. They do it for me. It doesn’t hurt in the slightest that her man is crazy about her and has the training to help her out when things go south. It also doesn’t hurt that she has a group of friends who are willing to bend time and space itself (if they could) to help her. She’s this goofy, awkward, super smart trouble magnet and it WORKS. I love that she’s intelligent enough to see her own limitations and ask for help when she needs it.

*slow nod*

So. This time around, Lexi ends up hip deep in some seriously nasty stuff. Well, wait. That’s not uncommon. She ends up in a rough spot, but she has her genius friends and her boo to help her. Between all of them, they’re well equipped to handle anything thrown their way. Sure, it’s touch and go for a while–especially with that bachelorette party–but THEY HAVE THINGS UNDER CONTROL. Mostly.

Fast-paced and fun, Lexi is going places. Probably dangerous places, but who am I to judge? Besides, she entertains me. So bring on the danger!

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