An American Werewolf in Hoboken by Dakota Cassidy {Kelly’s Review}

Fun, light-hearted PNR with quirky werewolves.

Thoughts on An American Werewolf in Hoboken

This book is one of those books that on the more light-hearted end of the spectrum. Sure, the potential was there for Max to DIE if he didn’t fulfill the terms of the curse, but the story itself skated on that light-hearted edge. I was mostly okay with that, but I did make a scrunchy face at how easily JC forgave Max for lying to her about a few key elements of their relationship.

Namely that he was both her overgrown “dog” and a werewolf. Well, that and his potential death at the hands of the curse.

PSA: Don’t lie about BIG, POTENTIALLY DEADLY CURSES to someone you want to be your long-term partner. That never ends well. Except in this case. But most of the time, it’s bad. BAD! So don’t do it.

Anywho… this book was mostly fun (remember, liars never prosper. Or something.) and Max’s big reveal gave me a bit of a chuckle. In other words, if you’re looking for something fun this should hit the spot. So, have at it.

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