Never Been Bit by Lydia Dare {Kelly’s Review}

Fun historical with witches and vampyres!

Thoughts on Never Been Bit

This book was pretty much everything I needed to escape reality when I picked it up. A fairly low angst factor (Alec had some issues, but never anything that felt like it was going to drown a person, you know?) coupled with a heroine who REALLY couldn’t see the effect she had on those around her (namely the males who were all smitten with her carefree nature and innate happiness) made it the type of light, fun read I like to lounge around with on the weekends. Well played, book. Well played.

Admittedly, Alec had some hangups about his vampyric state. Namely, he hated it and didn’t think he was worthy of loving anyone, blah, blah, blah. Spoiler: he was worthy. He just had to figure that out. Sorcha is sweetly clueless about her effect on men, which led to some amusing moments. She also had a tendency to throw herself whole-heartedly into every scheme that crossed her mind, no matter how it might reflect back on her. She was fun.

Loyal, too. As soon as she starts feeling things for Alec, she includes him in the group of people she’d do anything to protect. Did I mention she’s a witch? Yeah. So she has the ability to cause both mischief and mayhem without much effort on her part.

I needed something light and easy and I got it. Which makes this one a win for me.

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