Person of Interest by Emery Harper {Kelly’s Review}

Solid mystery with a hunky detective.

Thoughts on Person of Interest

I have to admit I liked this one. It might have had a tiny bit to do with the hunky, conflicted detective who falls into Celeste’s orbit. Maybe. Or it might have been the way Celeste stumbles her way into trouble without really trying. I don’t know. Either way, I ended up liking this book quite a bit and want to see Shaw and Celeste snuggle up once the smoke clears.

Not literal smoke, just so you know. Well, except for that one time. But, really, who could have predicted THAT happening?

Anyway. Let’s talk about Celeste and her insane sense of fair play. She kinda has her dislike on for her ex’s new lady friend (with reason, since new lady friend is a little hard to take) yet she STILL goes to bat for her when asked. Because Celeste is a good person. A good person who ends up smack-dab in the middle of something not so nice when she stumbles over her boss’s body. Not literally.

Enter hunky detective. He blows hot and cold (say it with me now…with good reason since he’s investigating Celeste’s part in the whole murder debacle) and confuses the heck out of Celeste, but I’m hoping for great things down the road for the two of them. GREAT THINGS. You know, once she isn’t a suspect or in danger of dying herself.

Bottom line: I liked it. I liked Celeste (even though she was WAY too nice for her own good sometimes). I liked Shaw. With everything that happened in this book, I’m wondering what shenanigans Celeste can get into next.

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