Amanda @ On a Book BenderHi. My name is Amanda, and I’m addicted to books. My addiction story is different, though. I’m not interested in recovery; I just want to be left alone with my drug of choice—the written word.

The name On a Book Bender is a reflection of my reading style. I have a tendency to binge read, and I’m usually happy to devour whatever books are in my path. I mean, you just have to satisfy that craving, right? My genres of choice are mysteries, romance (paranormal, historical), fantasy (urban), and a handful of YA so long as the angst is minimal. I read other genres, but that depends on how desperate I am for a book fix.

My intention in starting a book blog was to create a community where it’s possible to discuss books, develop relationships with other readers, and have fun. It’s what many might call my mission statement. As On a Book Bender continues to grow and my own time becomes limited, I’ve taken on a couple associate reviewers, Kelly and Jenna. They each review about two books for me every month within the above specified genres, and they’re awesome.

On a Book Bender runs on a weekly schedule as follows:

  • Monday: Review
  • Tuesday: Top Off Tuesday
  • Wednesday: Review
  • Thursday: Open
  • Friday: Discussion| Giveaway | Interviews | Review
  • Saturday: Open
  • Sunday: Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge

For more features that are published at On a Book Bender, visit the features page. For more information about me or to find a list of places I have guest posted, blogged, been interviewed or featured, visit the about Amanda page.

On a Book Bender