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Reviews and Rating

Review Philosophy
I’m tough to please
How do you rate?
5 Ways to Guarantee I Will NOT Review Your Book
How to Get on a Book Reviewer’s Good Side
Get Your Objectivity Out of My Reviews
The Downfall of Ratings
Book Review Quirks
Joint Reviews: Yea or Nay?
The Importance of Reviews
NOT Reviewing Has Kept Me Excited About Book Blogging

No, That’s Not What I Meant!



To Kindle or Not?
Hey Kindle, What’s Your Name?
Kindle: One Month Later (positives and negatives)

Advice and PSAs

Where Your Goodreads Reviews Go If You’re Not Paying Attention
How I Keep Track of My #RAK Books (google forms)
Book Blogger Remedial Class: How Not to Over-Commit
On Blogging for YOU
The Power of Language
How Not to Make Friends on Twitter
Why You Shouldn’t Take Just Anyone’s Advice (Including Mine)
To My Silent Readers
Building Community: My Secrets
Plagiarism: We’re Still Doing It
Facebook and Your Blog
Making Graphics on a Budget
Marketing Your Blog
Recommend Your Favorite Audiobook(s)
What Numbers Mean–or Don’t Mean
Change How You View Unsubscribes
Why I’m Striking ‘Must Read’ from My Vocabulary
Blog Development Time
5 Things I’ve Learned About Marketing
3 Uncomfortable Truths About Blogging
Why is THAT book $2.99?
So You Want to Start a Book-Based Business…
3 Biggest SEO Mistakes Book Bloggers Make
Facebook Is Changing {How to Deal with Social Media Change}
Why It’s Okay to Fail
On Twitter: the Difference Between @ and #
“This Book Needs an Editor” Isn’t as Descriptive as You Think

Bloggiesta Challenges

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Organization and Scheduling Posts
Through a Visitor’s Eyes
Easy SEO Tweaks {Bloggiesta Mini Challenge}
Link Love: How to Give Good SEO

Event Recaps

Kristin Cashore Book Signing


5 Things I Like About Reading
Visiting Prague Through Daughter of Smoke and Bone
BBAW: The Evolution of My Bookshelves
My Experience with Audiobooks
An Open Letter to the Book Blogging Community
The Responsibility of Having a Successful Idea
WP Plugins {Plugins Revisited}
Things That Make Me Happy
The Entitlement Mentality
Writing Discussion Posts
2012 Highlights
An Ode to My Reading Companion
Can Too Many Choices Cause a Reading Slump?
Email Subs and Weekly Newsletters {Newsletters Revisited}
Things I’ve Learned from Reviewing GLA Books
Amanda’s Historical Romance Obsession {Discussion and Recommendations}
The 13 Best Things About 2013
The Post-Book Crankies
5 Things I love About the Library
5 Things I Love in a Romance
5 Things I love About Book Blogging

(re)Discovering the Basic with Gaby @ Queen Ella Bee Reads

Why Blog?
I Know My Why…Now What?
The Need to Churn Out Content
Making a Name for Yourself
Making Blogging Friends
Author Signings

Guest Posts

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