Review Policy

On a Book Bender does not accept ANY promotional requests or unsolicited review requests through any communication medium (email, social media, blog comments etc). We do not participate in blog tours. The following outlines how we review books:

  • Reviews are posted by Amanda on Mondays and Kelly or Beth on Wednesdays.
  • On a Book Bender is not a genre-specific book blog, but generally stays within the mystery, romance, and fantasy genres (both adult and YA).
  • In addition to being posted here, reviews are cross-posted on Goodreads and linked on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
  • Each review seeks to provide a reaction to the book being reviewed and provides reasons for our enjoyment or lack of enjoyment.
  • Reviews are to be considered the honest opinion of the reviewer, and we seek to be as fair and balanced as possible.
  • Unless otherwise mentioned, all books reviewed on this blog have been purchased, borrowed, or legally downloaded for free.